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Hi, I'm James 👋

Ruff Robot is an independent game/software development studio based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.


Formed in mid 2017 with a scrapbook full of ideas, Ruff Robot set about piecing together one little title at a time. Taking ideas from initial concept through to full release on both mobile and desktop platforms.


Primarily focused on the mobile platform, I strive to achieve engaging game play / experiences coupled with clean crisp minimalist design.


By offering my apps free-to-play, I’m able to connect with users around the globe in over 150 countries.



Design & Development

Experienced in all stages of 2D/3D project design and development.


• Game design: casual, puzzle, strategy, simulation, racing, sandbox, board, card, word, draw, arcade, adventure, education.
• Simulation design: traffic/crowd/city, fixed wing/rotary aircraft, construction/agricultural/forestry machinery, water/buoyancy, robotic/concept.
• AI: multiplayer characters, npc’s, air/land/sea vehicles.
• Environment: procedural level generation, terrain tile streaming, real-world terrain data, 24hr day-night cycle, weather patterns and seasonal conditions.


• Prototyping of new game/simulation concepts/mechanics from paper to playable builds.
• Complete development cycle from initial concept through to post hard launch support.
• App Store submissions (iOS, macOS, Android (Google Play), UWP (Microsoft)).
• AWS WebGL hosting and standalone builds (macOS, Windows).
• UI/UX design, leaderboards, achievements, game meta (collectables, store fronts, upgrades, skins/themes).
• Integration of mobile ads, in-app purchasing and analytics SDKs (game analytics, unity analytics).
• Product ad design (video/static) and implementation (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter).
• Extensive experience in Unity, C# and Digital Art/NFT creation.


I have background experience in the agricultural, aviation and trucking industries.


Thanks for stopping by.

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• Sandbox environments • AI multiplayer characters • AI npc/crowd behaviours • Physics reactions


• AI navigation/autopilot • Terrain streaming for vast landscapes • Real-world terrain data • Procedural city generation • 24hr time of day and weather cycles


• Database recording, management and analysis applications



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