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All-in-one coin tracking, management, analysis and reporting application


Moonie will be removed from the App Stores later in the year and will no longer be supported.

One final update will be rolled out in the near future. An option will be added to export entire database to csv file. This file can then be used to import into alternate coin tracking software.

Introducing Moonie

Moonie is a desktop portfolio / bookkeeping app designed specifically for cryptocurrency investors and traders. A unique solution for digital coin tracking / record keeping and to help you prepare for tax time reporting.

Transaction History

Keeping accurate records of your crypto trading activity takes time, effort and patience. Why struggle with all that complex number crunching when Moonie can do it for you?

Simple, Unique, Free

Enter all of your trading activity and let Moonie do the rest. View current balances and values. Generate reports ranging from a simple fiscal year summary to a complete breakdown of each taxable event. Free for Mac & Windows desktop.

Intuitive and Purposeful

"Let me crunch those numbers" ~ Moonie


An aesthetic minimalist dashboard displays a current overview of your portfolio holdings and trading activity for a given fiscal year.

Simple Data Entry

Enter your data with ease. Incoming, outgoing, trades, transfers and fees. Or Import via csv/xlsx. All data is stored locally on your computer.

Generate Reports

Fiscal year summary, balances, fees, holds projection and capital gains by currency, transaction or complete cost basis analysis.


Support for all major local currencies (fiat). Layering methods (FIFO, LIFO, HPFO, LPFO). Short to long-term capital gains hold period.

Affordable. It's Free

No subscription or hidden fees. An ideal fully functioning no-cost solution for small-scale cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Made with Love

Moonie is developed by Ruff Robot as a costless community project. Join us as we continue to improve upon it's functionality.

Download Now. It's Free!

Moonie desktop is available for Mac OS and Windows.

The complete bookkeeping solution for crypto investors.