Moonie - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Moonie?

    Moonie is a desktop portfolio / bookkeeping app designed specifically for cryptocurrency investors and traders. A unique solution for portfolio monitoring and to help you prepare for tax time reporting.

    From the data you enter, Moonie will:
    • Calculate un/realised capital gains for your chosen tax/fiscal year.
    • Provide a timeline of held assets maturing to long-term holds.
    • Generate a variety of customisable reports such as tax year summary, transaction history, current balances, fees paid, gains and holds.
    • Display a current estimated value of your portfolio, broken down by currency and account (* Please note: An internet connection is required for retrieving live prices from various exchanges (optional)).

    Moonie is an ideal no-cost solution for small-scale traders looking to get their crypto activity documented and sorted ready for tax time reporting.

  • Pricing. Are there any ongoing costs?

    No. Moonie is completely free, fully functioning, and you can enjoy continued updates as we improve. No subscription fees or additional in-app purchases.

    The idea behind Moonie was to create an easy to use record keeping and monitoring app for crypto investors and traders.

  • Does Moonie work on mobile devices?

    No. Moonie is a standalone desktop application available for Mac OS and Windows computers.

  • What is capital gains and how does Moonie calculate it?

    If you sell a cryptocurrency, you usually make a capital gain or a capital loss. This is the difference between what it cost you to acquire the crypto and the price when you dispose of it. This could be when you trade one cryptocurrency for another on an exchange (eg BTC => ETH), trade a cryptocurrency to fiat (eg BTC => USD) or when you make a purchase using cryptocurrency. Also when fees are paid, gains on the fee amount is accounted for.

    Transferring crypto between your own accounts is not classed as a taxable event and these transfers will not effect your short to long-term holds.

    Upon starting Moonie for the first time, you will be asked to choose a Cost Layering Method. The selected method will determine how Moonie calculates capital gains. An example method is First In, First Out (FIFO). This method means that, of a given cryptocurrency, you sell your oldest holdings first and newest holdings last. You should consult with your accountant/tax advisor prior to selecting a cost layering method.

  • Will Moonie submit tax forms for me?

    No. Moonie is a tool used to record your cryptocurrency transaction activity and help you prepare for tax time reporting. It is your responsibility to consult with your accountant or other registered tax adviser prior to submitting any tax forms based on the material generated by Moonie.

  • Where is my data stored, and is it secure?

    Moonie stores all its data in a database locally on your computer. No data is sent away from your computer. It is entirely your responsibility to make regular backups. We have no way of accessing or retrieving any lost data. An easy backup/restore feature is provided within the app for your convenience.

    With the exception of retrieving current currency prices (optional), Moonie can be used offline for all data entry/editing and report generation.

  • What doesn’t Moonie do?

    • Moonie does not complete or submit tax forms.
    • Moonie is not a substitute for professional tax or accounting advice.

  • Screen quality is poor

    Moonie is optimised for Mac Retina and 4k displays. Lower resolution monitors will show a significant reduction in quality.

    If you are experiencing quality issues you can try:
    • Increasing UI Zoom via Settings (Gear icon, top right corner).
    • Adjusting monitor brightness and contrast.
    • Or get a MacBook Pro 🙂