Multiplier – A Game of Multiples

How well do you know your times tables?

Meet Multiplier! – A number crunching, one touch mobile board game designed to hone in on your multiplication skill set.

How to play

• The aim of the game is to stop the board from filling with tiles
• To start with, you are presented with a number. This is your multiplier!
• Your task is to place tiles together to form multiples of your multiplier
• Swipe left/right to drop numbered tiles onto the board
• When a line equals a multiple or your multiplier, those tiles are removed!
• Form lines both horizontally and vertically
• Remember, don’t let the board fill up!

Plan ahead, and make sure you don’t get caught out with a full board!


• Simple and addictive one touch gameplay. A style that is trending amongst well known casual puzzle games
• A fun and educational way to exercise your brain and sharpen those math skills
• Suitable for all ages. Young and old


  • Genre: Board Game
  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Price: Free

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